What does it take to remove over 12 million litres of brine water from a pond?
• Over 4500 man hours
• 2400 machine hours
• A dedicated team working around the clock

A customer approached Toxfree, to quickly mobilise a team to empty and clean a large brine pond. The ponds liner integrity had failed, making it a time critical task. The job was a challenge because 12 million litres of liquid needed to be removed with a vertical head pull of approximately 18 metres.

How did we do it?

After assessing the project, a detailed work plan was put together and a fleet of Kingvac’s and semi tankers were mobilised to site. The task then commenced, running hundreds of metres of 6-inch vacuum hose and setting up trash pumps, with all joint wrapped, to ensure no further damage to the ponds liner could occur.

The vertical head pull meant that the vacuum truck was located 18 metres above the floor level of the pond and the hose opening. The liquid was pulled up the hose along the pond wall, against gravity, which is hard to do and requires the end of the hose to have “breathers” to suck air for assistance.

The job was undertaken, removing in excess of one million litres per day, running day and night. An industrial combination unit and fire-fighting pumps were used to clean the pond to a high standard, allowing the liner to be tested for use again.

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