Seven piers on Fennel Bay bridge were showing signs of concrete deterioration and required remediation. The issue was discovered early, and we were able to assist in the safe removal of the deteriorated concrete, so the areas could be treated to ensure the long term serviceability of the bridge.


The water surrounding the pylons created a challenge for our team, which was solved by using platoons for the operators to stand on. The platoons were provided by the client and placed around the piers with mesh fencing to ensure the operators working on the pylons were safe. The operators were transported to the platoons on boats and the equipment was run along the bridge and down the side to the platoon.



Ultra-high pressure water blasting was used on the pylons to remove the compromised concrete and the by-product was removed with vacuum trucks.


Each individual pylon required 20 hours of high pressure water blasting and 8 hours of vacuum loading to complete. In total, 140 hours of high pressure work and 56 hours of vacuum loading were required to complete seven pier pylons.

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