Corporate Governance

As a values driven organisation we understand the importance of ensuring effective governance to protect the interests of our investors, the community and our team.

Toxfree’s governance framework is driven through the ASX Principles of Good Governance and Best Practice Recommendations which are actively monitored and used in the direction of our governance decisions.

In our Annual Report, Toxfree detailed our adherence to the principles and recommendations in a corporate governance statement. To read the corporate governance statement, refer to pages 58-62 Toxfree’s 2016 Statutory Annual Report.

Corporate Governance Statement

Toxfree Board and Committees

The Toxfree Board has adopted a Charter which sets out their responsibilities and functions. The Board has also established a number of Committees: Audit, Remuneration and Nominations Committees. Each Committee plays an important role in the Company’s corporate governance activities:

Each Committee has its own Charter defining its responsibilities and functions.

• Charter of the Toxfree Board
• Charter of the Audit Committee
• Charter of the Remuneration Committee
• Charter of the Nominations Committee

Corporate Whistleblower Program

Toxfree is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that encourages and facilitates the disclosure of Reportable Conduct. This is achieved by ensuring that complaints and disclosures, including those made anonymously, are properly assessed and — when appropriate — dealt with, reviewed or investigated thoroughly and impartially whilst maintaining confidentiality.

If you wish to raise an issue anonymously, you may disclose your concerns through the Whistleblowing service via the link below.

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