Australian Business Awards 2017  – Project Management

Toxfree was recognized as an ABA100 Winner in the Australian Business Awards 2017 for their project management capabilities during the Yarloop Bushfire Clean-Up project. In early January 2016, an out of control bushfire devastated the town of Yarloop in Western Australia. The fire burned over 69,00 hectares for a three week period, destroying over half of the town’s residences and several commercial properties.

Toxfree was engaged by the Department of Premier and Cabinet as the principal contractor for the clean-up works. We assembled an experienced project management team who were well equipped to deal with the scale of the project and manage hazardous waste substances – including asbestos, heavy metals and hydrocarbons – which were present throughout the town. Procedures, methods, and strategies were developed as required and evolved continuously as the project progressed.

Toxfree was responsible for the:

  • Clean-up of 220 properties;
  • Removal and disposal of 83,600 tonnes of contaminated soils and debris;
  • Replacement of 49,000 tonnes of clean backfill; and
  • Removal, pruning and trimming of 323 trees.

Overall, the Yarloop Bushfire Clean-Up project was considered a major success. Toxfree is proud to have helped the local community and to have received this award, recognizing our diversity, strong project management capabilities and commitment to safety, reliability, and sustainability.

Australian Business Awards 2016 and the Australian HR Awards 2016 for – Human Resources Management for our ‘Closing the Gap’ Initiative

In 2016, Toxfree was recognised as an ABA100 Winner in The Australian Business Awards 2016 for Human Resources Management.The award recognised Toxfree’s achievements in promoting excellence through innovative initiatives that have transformed business practices. Toxfree has been able to re-define its approach to Indigenous Engagement by adopting a ‘Closing the Gap’ Initiative.

With assistance from Aboriginal Elders, Toxfree was able to develop a traineeship program that is cultural, safety focused and provides economic improvement. There is a focus on long term growth, with higher incomes, lower reliance on income support, increased home ownership, and higher rates of full time and professional employment. Throughout the traineeship program, Toxfree ensures each new trainee feels welcome within the Toxfree family.

The program involves a Certificate III in Community Waste Management, and is fully funded by Toxfree.

Australian Business Awards 2015 – Innovation

In 2015 Toxfree was awarded an Australian Business Award in Innovation for the use of their “Train Right – Let’s Communicate” program. The initiative is founded on the introduction of communication headsets (Class 5 approved hearing protection) that allow for clear and concise communication in high noise environments.

The approved headsets enhance exchanges between trainees/operators and trainer/assessors in environments where both communication and hearing protection are critical.

Australian Business Awards 2014 – Innovation

Toxfree has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for ‘Innovation’ in The Australian Business Awards 2014 for their outstanding commitment to the creation and development of well-managed initiatives.
Toxfree’s i-Watch Surveillance system utilises a specially adapted high definition digital video camera with Wi-Fi capability to monitor the movements of operators within confined spaces. The video camera is mounted on the Operator’s helmet or chest and footage of the confined space is sent via Wi-fi to a tablet being monitored by the Sentry on the outside of the confined space. The camera is light weight and compact so it doesn’t contribute to a handling hazard.

Chamber of Minerals and Energy Safety & Health Innovation Awards 2014

In April, Toxfree was awarded the 2014 Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CME) Safety and Health Innovation Award in the Systems Category for the development of Toxfree’s Confined Space i-Watch Surveillance system.

The I-watch safety surveillance, is a relatively simple innovation that was developed in the field by industrial service operators. The i-Watch Surveillance system utilises a specially adapted high definition digital video camera with Wi-Fi capability to monitor the movements of operators within confined spaces’. The video camera is mounted on the Operator’s helmet or chest and footage of the confined space is sent via Wi-fi to a tablet being monitored by the Sentry on the outside of the confined space.

This award goes to show that improving safety in the workplace is not necessarily about how much money you spend. It’s about creating a culture of where every employee has the confidence to make suggestions to improve safety in the workplace.

Australian Business Awards 2013 – Environmental Sustainability

Toxfree Solutions has been honoured in the prestigious Environmental Sustainability category of The Australian Business Awards 2013 for services provided by their waste management team.

The Australian Business Awards is a national program with an established set of business and product award categories assessing the core values of business excellence, product excellence, sustainability and responsibility. The program engages with leading corporate, government and non-government organisations across key industry segments. Toxfree entered the 2013 award program as a way to recognise the innovative waste management practices being implemented at customer sites.

Toxfree received the award for total waste management services to a major Liquefied Natural Gas project in Western Australia which is also classified as a “Class A” Nature Reserve. Toxfree have adapted and tailored their delivery of services to meet the strict quarantine requirements for this project whilst providing comprehensive Cradle to Grave tracking of all waste generated from project operations. Since project commencement in 2009, Toxfree have recovered 98% of all recyclable material for this customer.

Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) Awards 2013

The 2013 APPEA Health and Safety Awards recognise achievement, innovation and commitment to improving health and safety performance and culture in the Australian oil and gas industry. Toxfree were delighted to receive a nomination (and subsequent runner-up award) for a 2013 APPEA award for our Confined Space i-Watch Surveillance initiative. This initiative involves this utilisation of a digital camera to assess the requirements of confined space works such as tank cleaning. The benefits of the initiative include a reduction in number of confined space entries, real time visual monitoring and risk resolution, and enhanced Operator knowledge and risk awareness.

NSCA National Safety Awards of Excellence 2011

In 2011, Toxfree was awarded the GIO Workers’ Compensation Award for Excellence in OHS&E, the pinnacle award of the annual NSCA National Safety Awards of Excellence, for developing two nationally accredited training programs for operators of high pressure water jetting equipment.

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