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As the leader in the waste management industry in Australia, joining Toxfree will give you amazing career development opportunities.

Roles that you may find yourself working in include:

Why Join Toxfree

Toxfree has operations – and opportunities – right around Australia. We providewaste management, environmental solutions and industrial services from more than 57 sites around the country. Toxfree is continually expanding, with new opportunities arising every day. It really is an exciting place to be! Some of the key benefits of working with Toxfree are provided below:

Training and Development

With a commitment to training and development, Toxfree have implemented a Competency Framework for all sites which will ensure new and existing employees receive the right training and skills suitable to their role. Toxfree is also committed to Professional Development Plans for each employee, which is essential to the business. It is an opportunity for review / feedback for both employee and manager, identify training requirements and to track great performance for each individual.

Annual Pay Reviews

Toxfree are committed to salary reviews yearly, which ensures our employees are paid competitively against the external market, as well as taking into account the individual’s role, and business and personal performance.

Incentive Schemes

Toxfree recognise staff who deliver beyond expectations and understand the need to feel valued as a result, therefore Toxfree have an Incentive Scheme which will reward those who meet the criteria.

Flexible Working and Family Environment

Toxfree encourage enough flexibility to enable employees to balance competing work and family demands. Toxfree do not encourage working after hours unless critical, Toxfree also allow flexi time, remote (home/site) work and part time / casual roles.

Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

The EAP is offered as a service to any Toxfree employee and their household members to help manage issues in their personal lives.

We value diversity

Toxfree is a national company and wherever we operate around Australia, we strive to create a culture that encourages diversity and equality. By establishing a diverse group of men and women of different backgrounds, where each person can contribute their skills, experience and perspectives, we believe we have been able to develop innovative solutions to challenges and deliver sustainable value to the business and its stakeholders.

As part of our EEO Policy, Toxfree embraces the principle of merit irrespective of age, gender, race, nationality, sex orientation, disability, and language. We ensure that all employees and potential employees are treated equally and fairly.

Indigenous Awareness & The Community

Toxfree aims to improve the awareness and knowledge of all employees in relation to Indigenous Australians. As part of Toxfree’s commitment, we have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan which has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. The Plan recognises the shared responsibility of all Australians in developing sustainable employment, education and training for Indigenous Australians.

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