Waste Tracking And Reporting

Our dedication to being the most innovative in the waste management industry has led to the development of Wastefree, Toxfree’s web-based waste tracking and resource management system.

The system tracks the entire process from waste collection to the arrival and management at Toxfree treatment and disposal facilities.

How Wastefree works

Wastefree provides:

• Central register of all waste activities,
• Management and scheduling of services,
• Comprehensive range of reports,
• Generation of comprehensive invoices,
• Live visual timeline of expected and actual service events,
• Integration of handheld barcode scanning devices for improved asset tracking and service scheduling, and
• Storage of site photos and diagrams, including the documentation of hand written notes.

Wastefree provides timely reporting of waste management services to customers, which assists them in reporting their environmental objectives to respective boards and stakeholders.

Wastefree is currently used on Toxfree’s major waste management contracts.For more information about Wastefree, get in touch with us today to find out how it can be used to benefit your business.

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