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Toxfree has committed resources to the development of a new Waste to Energy facility in Karratha for processing wastes such as drilling muds, oily sludges, solvents, dewatered mud and oily adsorbents and filters.
Currently Toxfree sorts and consolidates waste from its operations on Tom Price Road, before the waste is trucked to appropriate facilities for disposal.The by-products of existing available treatment options often result in disposal to landfill.Waste to Energy is regarded as a more sustainable and environmentally beneficial technology and ranks higher in the waste hierarchy.

The right choice for Australia and the planet

Toxfree is excited to embark on this revolutionary waste management program, helping to better manage local waste without expensive transportation. When completed, the facility will support local mineral extraction organisations, offering them more options for the treatment and management of mining by-products.
The proposed facility has many benefits including:
• Creating 30 local employment opportunities at the facility including expansion of the Company’s indigenous traineeship program.
• Generating energy, for on-site use, equivalent to powering 1800 average Australian households,
• Treating Pilbara waste in the Pilbara.
• Reducing local vehicle movements by 200 trucks per year.
• Reducing road transport of waste by 300,000 km per year.
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 400 tonnes CO2e per year.
• Diverting 24,000 tonnes of treated waste from landfill through recycling and reuse opportunities.
Karratha Waste to Energy FAQKarratha Waste to Energy FAQ

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