Toxfree’s C-Vap process has been specifically designed to deal with perchloroethylene (Perc) wastes. The process results in the recovery of this valuable solvent for reuse.
The C-Vap process utilises a two stage separation system. The first separation stage involves solid liquid separation. This allows the removal of solid and sludgy contaminants such as lint and dirt. The second stage involves purification of the resultant liquid to create a stable reusable product. The wastes generated from the purification process are of high calorific value and suitable for energy recovery.
An essential service to anyone working with this dangerous chemical, our C-Vap process minimises the risk of ecological damage or health risks associated with exposure. Make your business not only more environmentally friendly but also more efficient and profitable by reclaiming previously used solvent, allowing you to reuse existing stock, reducing your operating costs. Combined with a high-efficiency modern dry cleaning machine with a high solvent recovery rate, you’ll be able to enjoy greater savings on overheads by decreasing your necessary budget for chemicals.
Relying on Toxfree for your distillation and chemical handling needs ensures that your business is in the best possible hands. An industry leader in safety and efficiency, we help businesses across Australia achieve exceptional results in their field. For more information on our solvent reclamation processes, please contact a consultant at one of our offices located across Australia.


• Collection, transport and recycling of Perc,
• Dangerous goods labelling,
• Assistance with regulatory compliance,
• Exchange pails,
• Separator water disposal, and
• Supply of “Recover” trademark for use.

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