Plasma arc technology, also called plasma gasification, is a new means to destroy highly problematic waste materials. Using an extreme thermal reaction, the plasma arc process can destroy solid materials and turn them into a gas (called a synthesis gas) made up of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

Such a process is particularly valuable when applied to solid wastes that are harmful in their original forms and difficult to dispose of normally. One such material is polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB – this chemical came to prominence due to its unique properties leading to its adoption as a dielectric fluid, but has since developed a notorious reputation as an environmental contaminant.

Other harmful materials that plasma gasification suit include harmful pesticides, industrial solid and liquid waste, and ozone depleting substances such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are by-products of processes such as air-conditioning and solvent use.

Operating up a plasma arc plant

Plasma arc destruction is one of the ways that environmental sustainability can occur properly. A PLASCON plant like the one Toxfree maintains can process up to 3 tonnes of waste a day, with compounds like PCBs being destroyed at a very fast rate (approximately 35kgs to 40kgs an hour).

Plasma destruction is such an effective process due to the incredible heat produced through the heating process. For the purpose of effective waste management, the heat of the plasma arcs can reach between 2,200 degrees Celsius and 13,900 degrees Celsius. Heat this intense is highly effective in destroying a wide variety of materials with ease, and to reflect this, destruction efficiencies often exceed 99.9999%. This also ensures that harmful emissions are not released into the air, and are instead contained.

The PLASCON centre operated by Toxfree offers incredible user-friendliness in addition to an already impressive approach to waste management. Computer monitorisation allows for easy maintenance, negating the need for human supervision if required. This efficiency makes our service ideal for companies looking for a safe, environmentally way to effectively deal with their dangerous waste products.

Like to learn more about plasma gasification?

Being such a complex process, don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding our plasma arc destruction and PLASCON plant. Toxfree are happy to provide information and advice on storage, metal decontamination, extraction and PCB destruction in the PLASCON plant.

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