Pipeline Maintenance and CCTV

Assessing and improving storm water quality and effectively collecting and retaining debris and pollutants, is dependent on the regular maintenance of specified drains. That’s where we come in. At Toxfree, we pride ourselves on being the leading service provider of drain and pipeline maintenance requirements for various municipal and government authorities.

What we offer

Toxfree use various techniques such as CCTV scanning and an e-maintenance program to develop a systematic review of all drain functions. By assessing the quality of GPT’s on a regular basis, Toxfree can ensure that your drains are receiving the ongoing care and attention they require in order to be effective. Essential aspects of drain maintenance, including drain inspection, regular cleaning of GPT’s and notification of damaging pollutants, can be assessed by Toxfree’s highly trained team of staff.
With a variety of specialist equipment and accessories including the Toxfree root cutter, root foaming applications and many different nozzle sizes to access any drain, Toxfree can tailor a cleaning program to meet all your needs.

Applications include:
• Cleaning of domestic sewer and stormwater drains,
• Drain cleaning of silt, debris and fats,
• Root cutting of pipes up to 600mm in diameter,
• Root removal & foaming,
• Clearing of blockages (24 / 7 service),
• Debris removal and transportation to waste disposal facilities,
• Spill clean up (all vehicles are EPA licensed),
• CCTV surveys to assess the condition of pipes,
• Impact nozzle to remove concrete and other hard products from pipes,
• Underground Service Location and Non destructive digging(NDD), and
• Gross Pollutant Trap & Man Hole cleaning.

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