ToxFree Technologies
Thermal Destruction
Tox Free’s Thermal Destruction Technology incorporates a multistage pretreatment system coupled to a high temperature rotary kiln.
Thermal Desorption
Tox Free operates propriety thermal desorption technology from its licensed fixed facility in Kwinana WA. We operate a 2 tonne per hour plant and also have mobile plants specifically designed to suit a variety of contaminated sites and contaminants.

Solid Waste Management

Tox Free provides a comprehensive range of solid waste management and recycling services to residential, commercial and industrial customers as well as managing household waste collection on behalf of local authorities.

From curbside collection and municipal recycling programs to modern landfill operations, Tox Free is the No.1 choice for quality, efficiency, performance and value.

Services Include:

• Municipal curbside collection

• Municipal recycling

• Operation of a Material Recovery Facility for separation of recyclables

• Supply and collection of bulk bins and skips to households, builders and industrial customers

• Commercial Waste Management using front lift or rear lift bins

• Landfill management

• Medical Waste Collection

• Industrial Waste Recycling. E.g. fluorescent tube and battery recycling

Tox Free specialises in regional waste management and recycling. Through its subsidiaries Kimberley Waste Services and Gascoyne Waste Services, the company has over 18 years experience in regional waste management.

Tox Free has an extensive fleet of solid waste collection and support vehicles including:

• Side load compaction vehicles for Municipal Sulo Bin collection

• Front lift and rear lift compaction vehicles

• Morel bin lifters for bulk bins

• Bulk bins and skips in sizes ranging from 2m3 to 9m3

• Street sweepers

• Litter Vacuum Units