Non-Destructive Digging (NDD)

Toxfree introduced Non-Destructive Digging in 1998 to assist customers in locating underground assets. High pressure water and air units expose electrical cables, underground pipes and conduits that may be considered potential threats to customer’s projects, which is where non-destructive digging comes in.
The benefits that are provided through hydro vacuum excavation mainly involve a large reduction in risk compared to jackhammering and drilling, as it avoids damaging surrounding materials, alongside a major reduction in noise pollution and disturbing the local environment. Even more importantly, it offers both operators and customers alike more safety, and therefore more peace of mind. It eliminates the time spent fixing damages caused, and raises productivity as a whole as little to no clean-up is required afterwards.
Applications covered by this method include:

Applications covered by this method include:
•Potholing of gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines,
• Excavating around gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines,
• Straightening of power poles,
• Coring to enable soil samples,
• Tree planting and remediation, and
• All Non-Destructive Digging Units have EPA licenses.

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