Although industrial digging conjures up images of sweaty, musclebound men with jackhammers breaking through thick concrete, this is progressively being abandoned by savvy industrial bodies. Instead, high pressure water and air units manage the same level of deep, powerful digging without the potential for destruction that drilling and jackhammering poses.

The non-destructive digging process works by blasting areas with highly pressurised water and air. The pressure is so great that this blast has the same effect as mechanical digging, but the use of water and air rather than metal instruments ensures that hidden cables and pipelines are not damaged.  Non-destructive digging is one of the key means to ensuring the digging process occurs in a way that is not counter-productive – there’s little point in having a hole dug only to have to fix the damage you’ve created afterwards!

The diverse applications of non-destructive digging

The most valuable use of non-destructive digging is its application in instances where excavation of valuable lines is occurring (whether they be sewer, gas, water or telecommunication lines). Rather than slow, cautious and careful mechanical drilling occurring, hydro vacuum excavation allows for safe and efficient digging that mechanical equipment is simply not capable of.

Non-destructive digging goes beyond safe potholing and excavation, and can be valuable in projects involving safely planting trees in areas with valuable underground assets, the straightening of power poles without them needing to removed, and obtaining soil samples with coring (which also allows for less chance of cross-contamination). If you’re unsure whether your product can benefit from non-destructive digging – just ask us!

Creating Better Environments

There are numerous other benefits attached to non-destructive digging. The pressure system applied during non-destructive digging is significantly less noisy than traditional mechanical digging equipment, which is highly valuable in suburban and metropolitan areas that contain houses and foot traffic. This method also ensures less mess than other approaches to digging. This reduces clean up time, thus effectively saving time and money throughout the project.

Look to Toxfree for non-destructive digging

Toxfree has provided non-destructive digging for customers since 1998, and has been instrumental in helping many industrial bodies successfully locate underground assets safely. If you are planning on potholing or excavating around valuable underground lines, hydro vacuum excavation is a way to ensure safety, peace of mind and efficiency. Contact Toxfree today and let us assist you with our non-destructive digging.

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