Medical waste is a subset of waste that should never be taken lightly. Unlike with other forms of waste, like recyclable materials or food waste, medical waste can make people seriously ill with little trouble. All it takes is a little bit of negligence and a poorly thought out medical waste plan.

In this blog, we illustrate basic information about medical waste, and why it is so imperative that effective solutions are applied to medical waste.

What is medical waste?

Medical waste is a type of waste typically generated through healthcare facilities. These include hospitals, physicians’ offices, dental practices, blood banks, and vet hospitals/clinics, in addition to research facilities and laboratories. Generally, medical waste is healthcare waste which may be contaminated by blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials and is often referred to as regulated medical waste.

Avoidable ill health effects

Although the disease-causing potential of medical waste is greatest at the point of generation (tapering off slowly after this), not disposing of waste appropriately can still have a huge variety of negative outcomes for people other than health workers. The nature of medical waste means that it can have potentially disastrous outcome if it comes into contact with a person, particularly if they are caught unaware.

Although not necessarily prevalent in the human population, infectious and dangerous diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis B and C, are nonetheless risks that can have disastrous, life-long consequences.

In addition to these diseases is the potential for any other kind of aggressive microorganism, such as bacteria, to be transported from a health facility into a healthy host, who will inevitably proceed to spread it to other hosts. The inherent risks of not managing health waste properly can be quite severe, so it’s important to always take a methodical, safe approach to your medical waste.

How do we address medical waste?

When discarding medical waste, it is highly important to employ a highly experienced waste management company. The Toxfree group has acquired Daniels Health, which has bolstered our health management services considerably and provided an impressive alignment of services.

We are able to address waste consisting of sharps, cytotoxic, clinical, pharmaceutical and GMO materials, which assures that any medical waste you have will be addressed in the most comprehensive and professional way possible.

Contact us today to find how we can make your workplace a safer, cleaner environment.

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