Toxfree continues to set new standards in specialised industrial coatings on both Onshore and Offshore facilities. Toxfree has a range of the latest technologies, resulting in the ultimate protection of your assets provided by a multi-skilled workforce.


• Ultra high pressure water blasting for onshore and offshore facilities with automated accessories for surface stripping (Aquajet and Spiderjet) which leaves surfaces dry and with a NACE No. 5 class WJ-1 finish. The environmental impact resulting from traditional abrasive blasting and water-jetting techniques to remove toxic coatings is avoided using Toxfree proprietary waste containment and an in-house recycling system. The productivity of the UHP technology exceeds conventional abrasive blasting methods.
• High Pressure and ultra-high pressure hydro jetting methods are used for coating removal and cleaning of surfaces when abrasives cannot be used due to dust restrictions and encapsulation restrictions.
• Toxfree also have the capacity for ‘Abrasive Blasting’ using the mega blast system which allows four blasting nozzles to be run consecutively and continuously for 8 hours prior to refilling. Single and double blast hoppers are available for smaller works.
• Removal of resins, rubber, bitumen, GRP, epoxy coatings and corrosion products is completed using the optimum methods or a combination of methods for each job.
• Specialised coatings application is done by way of one of many airless spray units ranging from 45/1 to 80/1 plus plural component and conventional application.
• Certified Protective Coatings Inspectors (NACE & ACA Trained) are certified in coating specification selection.
• Technicians are assessed in NACE and ACA blasting and painting requirements to ensure the best result in the industry and further trained in confined space entry, EWP, rope access, first aid for both Onshore and Offshore facilities.
• Waste containment is environmentally managed and disposed of by the Toxfree industrial services team.
To better support businesses across the country, Toxfree’s industrial coatings service is available in most Australian capital cities. Find your local office in:
• Adelaide
• Brisbane
• Darwin
• Melbourne
• Perth
• Sydney
• Tasmania including Hobart & Launceston
• Rural centres nationwide


Toxfree has an extensive store of specialised equipment required for abrasive blasting and painting. Ultra high-pressure pumps and accessories, like the Aquajet and the Spiderjet 3000 prepare surfaces for coating without the environmental problems associated with traditional abrasive blasting methods. Waste is contained by special vacuum units so toxic materials like lead can be handled safely and economically disposed of by Toxfree’s in-house waste management team; water is filtered for reuse significantly reducing environmental impact with UHP Water Recirculation systems.

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