Parts Wash

Toxfree can provide sales and hire of a 60-litre parts washer. An essential piece of equipment for any automotive repair shop or on-site workshop, our parts washers help to quickly and easily remove grease from mechanical components. Whether you’re servicing vehicles or helping to maintain your company’s plant and equipment, our parts washer is an efficient, effective degreasing solution, helping to minimise the amount of time spent on unprofitable parts of your business.
Our technicians can also perform a variety of preventative and corrective maintenance program for your parts washer. This includes the service of your own parts washer on either a scheduled or on call basis. All maintenance work is performed by trained, experienced and fully qualified Toxfree technicians, ensuring that your business is in the best possible hands when the time comes to service your parts washer.


Parts include:
• All steel main body/heavy duty construction,
• Designed to avoid stooping whilst operating,
• Flameproof light, switch and pump electrics,
• Open lid design to maximise visibility and access,
• Fuseable link on the lid is designed to melt in the event of a fire. The lid will then close, starving the fire of oxygen,
• Wash basin hose connects to brush, solvent goes through the centre of the brush,
• Top basin fits to the base with rear lugs and a front hatch, and
• Uses normal single phase 240V power supply.

Hot Wash

Toxfree provide sales and hire/service of hot wash units. Services include the service of your own parts washer on either a scheduled or on call basis. Our technicians are some of the most professional in the industry, each carrying relevant qualifications and years of training and industry experience, ensuring that your business is in excellent hands when you require maintenance for your hot wash machine.

Supporting your organisation

Hot Wash units are a water based cleaning system that are fully automatic. Ideal for removing grease from items as diverse as engine blocks, assembly line components and mining equipment, our range of machines save you time and cut your labour costs, freeing up workers to focus on more profitable parts of your business.
Toxfree have a range of sizes to suit all requirements for organisations spanning small automobile repair shops up to mine site maintenance programs, delivering the products and services needed to support a diverse range of Australian businesses. Whatever industry you’re in and regardless of the scale of your operation, we can provide a machine that suits your needs, helping you to make your organisation more profitable, efficient and agile.
If you have a special requirement for your workshop we can source the right equipment to suit your needs. Start a conversation with one of our consultants and discover how Toxfree can deliver a customised solution that enhances your business’ capabilities. Contact one of our offices – located in capital cities and regional centres in every state and territory – to learn more.

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Toxfree services are available Australia wide, locations include:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Darwin
  • Adelaide
  • Karratha
  • Olympic Dam

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