Toxfree firmly believe in approaches to cleaning that do away with harmful chemicals and instead focus on clever technology. With the right approach, the exact same effect can be had without the use of cleaning agents that harm the environment. Mining, oil and gas firms are just a handful of customers that benefit highly from high-pressure cleaning, and this form of cleaning is also highly preferred by councils and government bodies due to the many benefits.

We think this form of cleaning is perfect for many situations, so in this blog we’ve listed 3 great ways that high-pressure cleaning is great for you.

High pressure efficiency

In addition to avoiding the use of nasty chemicals, using high-pressure cleaning is also much more efficient than regular cleaning. Scrubbing and cleaning is slow, and becomes even slower as tiredness sets in. High-pressure water cleaning is capable of covering large surface areas very quickly, leaving a consistent finish behind with no evidence of scrub marks (which can remove all of the good your cleaning did).

Effective use of water

In addition to not using chemicals, the pressure when cleaning results in less water being used. Instead, it is the force of the spray that ensures that grime, dirt and whatever other nasty things are around are removed, resulting in an effective clean! An adjustable nozzle allows for the careful control of all water applied, and can be adjusted to serve larger areas, or smaller focused areas.


Noticed some grime in a spot that is completely out of reach? There isn’t much you can do about it normally, aside from a comically large ladder. High-pressure cleaning, however, maintains the force necessary to reach areas like this – areas which hoses can only dream of reaching!

As well as using regular, cooler water, Toxfree also provide the option to apply hot water to what you need cleaned. This can ensure more troublesome elements, like chemical salts, gum, and waxy or oily substances, are removed with ease. This grants you the versatility that regular cleaning cannot provide, particularly with debris that is particularly difficult to get out.

Ready for high-quality cleaning?

For an approach with a second-to-none finish that also caters beautifully to the environment, get in touch with Toxfree today. We’re ready to make your environment the cleanest it can possibly be with our high-tech equipment – if you’ve got a specific area or thing you’d like cleaned up, we can discuss your options and the best ways in which to approach your specific situation.

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