Toxfree’s range of commercial and high pressure cleaning services can be adapted and tailored to suit any industrial environment. If your business needs the services of a specialist industrial high pressure water blasting company we can help you.

With state of the art hydro cleaning equipment, extensive industry knowledge and specialised technologies, Toxfree can provide a variety of industrial cleaning services to business and heavy industry.


General High Pressure Water Cleaning

Toxfree has a solution for all Plant or Pre-Commission, De-commissioning, Service Cleaning and Pipeline Pigging Projects. We are the preferred provider of commercial high pressure cleaning services to some of Australia’s leading oil and gas, mining and construction firms, as well as for government agencies and municipal councils engaged in a broad range of activities.

Shutdown Cleaning using Water Blasting

Holiday cleaning is critical to keep your plant running at peak efficiency. Toxfree understands that shutdown maintenance cleaning needs to happen on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to remaining processes. Tube and bundle cleaning is a specialist discipline in this area and something Toxfree operators are adept at.
With our highly trained operators, quality equipment and years of experience in this area, Toxfree is known to be a provider of choice to top tier manufacturers and production facilities. These include business as diverse as furniture manufacturers, chemical plants, the automotive industry, Defence facilities, and large food manufacturers.

Internal and External Hull cleaning

Over years in a marine environment, ships and boats hulls can become fouled with growths such as barnacles and sea plants. When in dry dock, Toxfree’s high pressure water cleaning is an effective and efficient way to remove these items as well as old surface coatings if necessary, perhaps in preparation for a new protective coating or painting.

Wash Plant and Spray Booth cleaning

Almost any industrial process where a liquid is applied to a solid surface leaving, leaving remnants or residues, is perfect for high pressure water blasting and cleaning. With a wide range of pressures, our water blasting equipment can remove both wet and hard dried on material, with preventative maintenance the key to both longer plant life and a more efficient and safe process in your factory. Toxfree can also assist with tanker trucks to remove the liquid waste generated.

Surface Preparation

A number of municipal and road management organisations currently make use of Toxfree’s services in this area. From a public footpath to a multi lane freeway shutdown clean, Toxfree is experienced with using high pressure water to prepare bitumen surfaces for repainting, re marking, or re surfacing.

Monument, facility and public building

If you manage a facility or public building, and need to remove years of built up grime,, perhaps in a high traffic area Toxfree can help. Offering both scheduled and ad hoc hydro cleaning services, high pressure water will remove grime, dirt, graffiti and even paint if required from surfaces including brick, concrete, metal and other common commercial surfaces.

Toxfree currently provides services to a broad market including mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, construction and government utilities, Toxfree are positioned to tailor services to meet customers’ needs.

A quality certified business, Toxfree was in 2011 awarded the GIO Workers’ Compensation Award for Excellence in OHS&E, the pinnacle award of the annual NSCA National Safety Awards of Excellence.

The award was for developing two nationally accredited training programs for operators of High Pressure Water Jetting equipment.

Hot Pressure cleaning

Toxfree provide hydro jetting at high temperatures, which will achieve a greater level of cleanliness and less wastewater. This method can be used for the below purposes:
• Boilers;
• Bitumen lines;
• Buildings;
• Dissolving chemical salts;
• Car parks;
• Factory floors;
• Footpaths and paved areas;
• General cleanup;
• Greasy areas;
• Gum removal;
• Heat exchangers;
• Marine equipment;
• Monuments;
• Plant pipe-work;
• Public areas;
• Root scalding; and
• Waxy / oily products.

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