General Waste

Toxfree supplies General Waste front lift industrial bins or rear lift wheelie bins for commercial and industrial requirements. Large compactors and bulk bins can also be supplied by Toxfree to meet specialised customer requirements. If you’re unsure of what kind of bin would best suit the needs of your business, simply get in touch with Toxfree and we’ll work with you to find the right solution.

Our range of bins

The various bin types and sizes that are available are listed below:

Front Lift Bins

• 1.5m³
• 2m³
• 3m³
• 4.5m³
• 6m³ cardboard cages
• 8m³ cardboard cages

Rear Lift Wheelie Bins

• 120L
• 240L
• 360L
• 660L
• 1100L

Hook / Bulk Bins

• 12m³
• 15m³
• 20m³
• 25m³


• 5m³
• 25m³
• 30m³
• 40m³

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