Recycling your e-waste is just as important as recycling any other waste material. Toxfree is a true end-of-life recycler of electronic waste. Our business model, technologies and processes ensure that maximum e-waste recycling and recovery processing takes place in Australia and that we do not export the problem.



What is e-waste?

e-waste refers to any discarded electronic device or electrical component. It comes in many forms, including computers, photocopies, printer, fax machines, batteries and mobile phones, but can also refer to wiring, printer cartridges, CDs and DVDs, small appliances and other goods and materials. Australia disposes of over 100,000 tonnes of computers and televisions alone each year, and many scrap components can contain elements harmful to the environment meaning that proper recycling is necessary for a cleaner, healthier planet.

What can I do

Ensure that your e-waste is disposed of at a reliable, ethical recycling plant. When handled correctly, at least 90% to 95% of e-waste components can be recycled, greatly reducing the environmental impact of landfill dumping, sourcing new materials, pollution and contamination.

What does Toxfree do with e-waste?

Toxfree delivers a true end-of-life solution for your e-waste. End-of-life means nothing is re-used; everything is destroyed as part of the recycling process. Our processes ensure the e-waste is useless in terms of information retrieval or re-use. Should you require a greater level of security, such as individual hard drive destruction, talk to us about a tailored secure e-waste solution.

Mercury recycling by Blubox

Toxfree is the only company in Australia able to safely recycle display units containing mercury. This is done through our BluBox Recycling Plant.
The BluBox is a Swiss designed processing technology packed in a 40ft container.It is designed for next generation e-waste such as flat panel displays, smart phones, tablets and laptops however can also process a wider variety of domestic e-waste such toasters and hair dryers.
The BluBox process is designed to extract mercury from the LCD backlighting tubes utilising a sophisticated aspiration system to collect the mercury vapour and phosphor contaminated mercury. The process provides a fully automated solution to handle a wide variety of e-waste items from desktop computers and laptops, to toasters and hair-dryers.

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