Toxfree’s concrete cutting applications offer an alternative to jack hammering to achieve concrete demolition. Using ultra-high water blasting, this technique is able to penetrate and remove existing unsound concrete while leaving the sound concrete unscathed.

Noise is substantially reduced compared to a traditional concrete saw, and choosing ultra-high water blasting keeps dust to a minimum, resulting in a safer, cleaner worksite. There’s no risk of damage to the surrounding area as no vibrations, heat or mechanical stresses are produced, and choosing water blasting means no heat is generated during the cutting process.


Concrete cutting applications are perfect for highway maintenance, widening and concrete demolition. A diverse range of projects have been accomplished safely and efficiently with help from Toxfree’s cutting services, including:

General hydro-jet cleaning, tube bundles, heat exchanger and evaporator cleaning, automated tank cleaning, pipe and line cleaning, automated boiler cleaning, automated rotary / tubular air heaters cleaning systems, ash & cooling water line cleaning, floor cleaning, paint removal, concrete spalling removal and concrete demolition.

Robotic Hydro-Demolition – because we value safety

Toxfree have an Aqua Cutter system designed to deliver even safer and more environmentallyfriendly solutions for concrete removal.The Aqua Cutter is perfect for all kinds of operations, especially in tight spaces such as vertical shafts and furnaces.The innovative design gives the operator freedom to reach all horizontal, vertical and overhead areas up 7 metres without support.

The Aqua Cutter robot has the latest control system for robots and Power Packs. This means that the Aqua Cutter and Power Pack can work togetheras one unit, and be easily controlled and managed by the operator with one remote control at a safe distance.

Utilised by leading construction firms and in some of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects, our cutting service helps you get the job done as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. We’ve been recognised by some of the most respected organisations in mining, civil engineering, oil and gas and more as one of Australia’s leading concrete cutting companies, providing the versatility and professionalism large-scale projects require.

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Services provided by Toxfree also include:

Toxfree services are available Australia wide, locations include:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
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  • Olympic Dam

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