Stop, Look, Wave

Over 100,000 children have learned how to interact safely with commercial vehicles

A new classroom safety campaign, targeting Australia’s most vulnerable pedestrians, is being rolled out nationally by Volvo Trucks and Toxfree, to help keep Aussie kids safe in their home towns. Since its launch globally a year ago, the interactive road safety campaign – Stop, Look, Wave – has fast became a global success and about 100,000 children have learned how to interact safely with commercial vehicles in traffic.

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It’s particularly difficult for truck drivers to see a quick-moving small person, which is why we’re rolling out this free education campaign to teach Aussie kids to STOP on the side of the road, LOOK both ways, and WAVE at the truck driver before they cross. We don’t want children to be afraid of traffic but their attention is limited, so we need to teach them this simple tip for crossing safely.

The Stop, Look, Wave campaign is important to Toxfree as, like Volvo Trucks, one of our core values is Safety.

Our mantra is safe.reliable.sustainable with no harm to people or the environment. Toxfree has committed the resources of our own company with Toxfree trucks visiting schools across the nation to give students a look at the view from behind-the-wheel and to understand safety around trucks.

There are thousands of waste and recycling trucks on the streets every day; a lot of them are out in the morning when children are heading off to school. As safety is a top priority for our drivers, they will enjoy being part of this children’s safety initiative that is new and fresh. Our drivers are always conscious of their surroundings and we want them to let the children know that they have gained their attention by waving back to them.

We are proud to be sharing this initiative as a global partner of Volvo Trucks in Australia and thank them for their leadership in children’s safety.

Stop, Look, Wave tool kits are now freely available to any Australian school, details can be found here:

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