concrete cutting

It might seem like a farfetched idea to use water to demolish concrete – you’ve probably not even come close to damaging a fragile bit of your house by spraying it with a garden hose. So how should structurally strong materials fare worse with a bit of concentrated water?

Used for commercial and industrial buildings, aqua cutter robots produce incredible pressure that has enough force to effectively penetrate unsound concrete.

It can be tempting to resort to established methods such as concrete saws to remove sections of unsound concrete, we aim to demonstrate several reasons why you should abandon this traditional method in favour of robotic hydro demolition, which is a comparatively high-tech form of concrete cutting.

Extensive noise reduction

For operations that need to occur near bustling areas, making the smallest amount of noise is ideal. Greater noise leads to problems with councils and traffic, with complaints becoming inevitable. With the application of water, noise is no longer the issue it once was.

Increased safety

Bulky concrete saws might be effective in their brutishness, but there is always an inherent danger when using them. With ultra-high-water blasting, there is great control offered with both the robot cutter and the power pack, allowing the user to cut concrete from a very safe distance. Dust is also kept to a minimum to ensure that your workplace does not experience the problems that dust clouds can cause.

Faster operations for maximum efficiency

When cutting concrete as part of a project, particularly a larger one, every minute saved counts. Using high water pressure cutting allows for the project to move along at an increased pace, which in turn saves time and money. This method also favours non-destructive approaches to sound concrete – if there are areas that are structurally sound, high pressure water blasting will ensure these areas are not destroyed. Damaged areas caused by heat, vibrations or mechanical stresses are not a problem with high pressure water, ensuring time isn’t wasted dealing with accidental destruction of undesignated areas.

Ready to embrace new concrete cutting practices?

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