Chemical Cleaning

Toxfree provides chemical cleaning of all types of pipe work and equipment, including the pre-commissioning, decommissioning and service chemical cleaning of:
• Boilers;
• MEG regeneration units;
• Process lines;
• Compressor water jackets and Pipe Work;
• Pipelines;
• Die press machines;
• Fuel tanks;
• Gas compressor suction lines;
• Heat exchangers and condensers;
• Hydraulic pipe work;
• Instrumentation systems;
• Metal cleaning / Pickle, Passivating;
• Natural gas lines;
• Oxygen services;
• Paint lines;
• Plant pipe work;
• Rasher Rings;
• Solvent flushing;
• Internal paint removal;
• Vessels; and
• Water reticulation systems scale removal.
Toxfree has a solution for all plant pre-commission, de-commissioning, service cleaning and pipeline pigging projects.
This means quality, safety dependability and cost effectiveness. We offer you the broadest array of industrial cleaning solutions, the most effective cleaning techniques and the broadest chemical cleaning experience that you will find anywhere. Choose Toxfree for the best results — simply give us a call today and we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your requirements,

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