Bulk Liquid Waste

Toxfree treats and manages a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid wastes produced by industry and the commercial sectors. We work hard to ensure that liquid waste is disposed of in the correct way, and does not cause any harmful health or environmental effects.

Toxfree has the expertise to manage every facet of liquid waste management including waste assessment and analysis, waste collection, transport permits and documentation, waste treatment and waste reporting. We have the capability to transport wastes categorised as Dangerous Goods and/or Controlled Wastes in one of their numerous liquid waste collection tankers ranging from 5,000 litres to 25,000 litres. Toxfree also maintain a fleet of high powered vacuum tankers (Super Suckers) which are available as required.

We provide our services Australia-wide

Toxfree has conveniently located waste treatment facilities located in all major industrial hubs throughout Australia. The facilities are licensed to receive and process all types of industrial and hazardous liquid waste.

Toxfree prides itself on technical ability; no matter what type of liquid waste your company produces Toxfree will manage the safe collection and treatment of the waste in accordance with strict Health, Safety and Environmental standards.

• Oily water,
• Hydrocarbon sludges,
• Acids,
• Flammable liquids (eg solvent, petroleum products),
• Alkalis,
• Heavy metal bearing wastes including chromium wastes,
• Organic wastes,
• Pesticide wastes and wash waters,
• Oxidisers,
• Biological wastes such as grease trap waste, food processing wastes and septage waste, and
• Low strength waste waters and contaminated storm water.

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