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Toxfree treats and manages a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid wastes Australia wide. Our liquid division specialise in commercial and industrial liquid waste management. We work hard to ensure that liquid waste is disposed of in the correct way, and does not cause any harmful health or environmental effects.

Toxfree Industrial Liquid Waste Services include:

Bulk Used Oil and Oily Water Disposal

Where a large quantity of used oil or oily water needs to be pumped out of a tank, removed from site and disposed of, Toxfree can help. With a range of tankers across Australia servicing all locations, Contact us for a quote today!

Ship Bunker Oil and Hydrocarbon Sludge

Ships, boats and other large installations that burn fuel oil produce thick sludge as a waste oil product. Toxfree provide bilge waste and bunker oil sludge removal and bilge waste disposal services to ships, boats and manufacturing where the heavy bunker oil is pumped out of the cruise liner, ship or boat, processed and recycled.

Flammable Liquid Tank Pump Outs

Toxfree have special Dangerous Goods rated tankers designed to pump out flammable and potentially flammable liquids from tanks. Common situations where this can occur include fuel spillages at petrol stations or refuelling points, where the fuel has flowed into the interceptor pit, or contaminated fuel in underground tanks.

Industrial and Factory Grease Trap Pump Outs (30XY)

Food processing waste facilities have a specialised type of trade waste pit called a grease trap. Aptly named, grease traps stop fat and food waste from solidifying in the sewer pipes by intercepting and trapping the fat. If they are not pumped out regularly, the fat can overflow and cause an expensive blockage. That’s why many water authorities require businesses have their grease traps pumped out by a grease trap cleaning company such as Toxfree.

Interceptor Pit Empties and Wash Water Waste Disposal (30XY)

Interceptor pits (also sometimes called triple interceptors) are designed to stop solids and unwanted chemicals entering the sewer system. Commonly found at industrial premises such as Service Stations, Car Washes, and other areas where liquid waste is commonly produced, industrial pits need to be pumped out regularly to maintain effective function. Toxfree have a range of tanker truck that can handle both light and heavily used pit waste pump outs.

Acids, Alkalis, Oxidising Agents, and Liquid Chemical Waste Disposal

Liquid chemical waste poses particular hazards to business and industry. From pesticides to spent acid, reactive alkali solutions. Toxfree actively manages your risk by providing a safe bulk liquid chemical waste disposal solution across Australia.

Commercial Septic Tank Clearances

Many large businesses at the edge of major cities or in rural areas have large septic tanks that require pumping out, and to have their septic tanks emptied on a regular basis. Toxfree has large tanker trucks that can pump out large volume septic tanks up to 25,000 litres per visit.

Liquid Organic Waste and Solvent Waste

Solvents and organic liquid wastes present particular handling challenges and environmental issues Toxfree minimises risks by safely transporting solvents and organic wastes to the appropriate licensed recycling or processing facility.

IBC and Drums

IBC’s are 1000 litre containers that hold liquid waste. Toxfree can collect and dispose of liquid waste in drums and containers of all sizes, including 205 litre drums (44 gallon) and 1000 litre IBC’s.

Low Strength Waste Wash Waters and Contaminated Stormwater (30XY)

Waste waters can be caused by either an industrial or manufacturing process. Stormwater can become contaminated by a spillage or accident. Wash water pits are often found in hotels, and large managed residential facilities. The Toxfree liquid waste tanker team are experienced with safely managing these wastes. Contact us for a quote today!

Toxfree has the expertise to manage every facet of liquid waste management including waste assessment and analysis, waste collection, transport permits and documentation, waste treatment and waste reporting. We have the capability to transport wastes categorised as Dangerous Goods and/or Controlled Wastes in one of their numerous liquid waste collection tankers ranging from 5,000 litres to 25,000 litres. Toxfree also maintain a fleet of high powered vacuum tankers (Super Suckers) which are available as required.

Toxfree has conveniently located waste treatment facilities located in all major industrial hubs throughout Australia. The facilities are licensed to receive and process all types of industrial and hazardous liquid waste.
Toxfree prides itself on technical ability; no matter what type of liquid waste your company produces Toxfree will manage the safe collection and treatment of the waste in accordance with strict Health, Safety and Environmental standards.

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Toxfree services are available Australia wide, locations include:

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