Base Catalysed Dechlorination (The BCD Process) Is a chemical reaction process that can be used for de-halogenation of a range of chlorinated persistent organic pollutants (POPs).   Read More
Toxfree specialises in the development of turn-key chemical and industrial waste treatment processes. Whether a customer has an existing treatment process that requires optimisation, or requires a tailored treatment program, Toxfree can provide a solution.   Read More
Recycling your e-waste is just as important as recycling any other waste material. Toxfree is a true end-of-life recycler of electronic waste. Our business model, technologies and processes ensure that maximum e-waste recycling and recovery processing takes place in Australia and that we do not export the problem.   Read More
Historically, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are used as refrigerants and halons, used in fire extinguishers, that are now known to be ozone depleting substances (ODS), were in widespread use both in households and commercial premises for refrigeration, air conditioning, and in household, commercial and industrial fire-fighting applications. The modern Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (SGG) replacements for ODS have been found to have global warming characteristics.   Read More
The HazPak 3000 is a densification system which provides extremely high levels of efficiency in removal of unwanted residues in order to recover recyclable materials such as steel and paint from used paint tins, oil filters, aerosols and gas cylinders.   Read More
Toxfree provides sales and hire/service of hot wash units. Services include the service of your own parts washer on either a scheduled or on-call basis.   Read More
Toxfree can provide sales and hire/service of 60 litre parts washer. Services include the service of your own parts washer on either a scheduled or on call basis.   Read More
Thermal remediation of contaminated soils involves the removal of the contaminant(s) from the soil matrix using Toxfree's patented Thermal Desorption or Thermal Destruction technologies with all soil remediated to reuse criteria. The extracted contaminants undergo further treatment and/or destruction to remove all hazardous properties ensuring there are no ongoing liabilities for our clients.   Read More
Toxfree's C-Vap process has been specifically designed to deal with perchloroethylene (Perc) wastes. The process results in the recovery of this valuable solvent for reuse.   Read More
A Toxfree PLASCON plant can destroy pure PCBs at a rate of 35 to 40kg/h, with no harmful emissions of dioxins or any other contaminants into the atmosphere.   Read More
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Providing services including destruction of hazardous waste, technical projects, environmental compliance and environmental consultancy.
Toxfree's most recent aqusition, Daniels is the market leading provider of medical waste solutions, collections and treatments in Australia with a strong history of growth.
Toxfree has committed resources to the development of a new Waste to Energy facility in Karratha for processing wastes such as drilling muds, oily sludges, solvents, dewatered mud and oily adsorbents and filters.    Read More
Toxfree values innovation and making improvements to the safety, reliability and sustainability of services.   Read More