SERVICES - Case Studies

Below are a selection of Project Snapshots demonstrating Toxfree's ability to provide innovation, cost savings and community support.

Waste Services

Asbestos Removal Form 604 Notice of Chance on Interests of Substantial HolderProject Snapshot - Asbestos Removal
Landspray Truck Project Snapshot - Landspray Truck
Mobile Garbage Bin Project Snapshot - Mobile Garbage Bins on Barrow Island
Vacuum Awareness Course Project Snapshot - Vacuum Awareness Course for Rio Tinto
New Community Recycling Centre New Community Recycling Centre


Industrial Services

Crocodile Home Project Snapshot - Crocodile homeProject Snapshot - Crocodile home
i-Watch Project Snapshot - iWatch
High Pressure Blasting Project Snapshot - HP water blasting
Landspray Truck Project Snapshot - Landspray Truck
High Pressure Lance Project Snapshot - High Pressure Lance
Bondi clean-up Project Snapshot - Bondi clean-up
Ariport spill Project Snapshot - Airport spill
Eraring Station Project Snapshot - Eraring Station - Origin Energy
Victory for Toxfree Project Snapshot - Victory for Toxfree
Dry well HP blasting Project Snapshot - Dry well HP blasting

Technical and Environmental Services

Dolocrete Mercury Project Snapshot - Dolocrete Mercury
Halon Bank Project Snapshot - Halon Bank
BCD Technologies Project Snapshot - BCD Technologies
Greenhouse Gases Project Snapshot - Greenhouse gas destruction
Nufarm Limited Project Snapshot - Nufarm Limited
Household collection Project Snapshot - Household Council Collection
Centrifuge trail Project Snapshot - High volume centrifuge trial
NSW EPA Project Snapshot - NSW EPA
ChemClear Tasmania Project Snapshot - ChemClear Tasmania
Capability Statement TES Capability Statement


Euro6 Project Snapshot - Euro6
i-Watch Project Snapshot - iWatch
Centrifuge trail Project Snapshot - High volume centrifuge trial

Community Engagement

VOCAM Project Snapshot - VOCAM
Boots for Benefit Project Snapshot - Boots for Benefit
Movember Project Snapshot - Movember
Thalanyji tour Project Snapshot - Thalanyji tour
Abrolhos Islands Project Snapshot - Abrolhos Islands clean-up
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Providing services including destruction of hazardous waste, technical projects, environmental compliance and environmental consultancy.
Toxfree's most recent aqusition, Daniels is the market leading provider of medical waste solutions, collections and treatments in Australia with a strong history of growth.
Toxfree has committed resources to the development of a new Waste to Energy facility in Karratha for processing wastes such as drilling muds, oily sludges, solvents, dewatered mud and oily adsorbents and filters.    Read More
Toxfree values innovation and making improvements to the safety, reliability and sustainability of services.   Read More