Indigenous Relations

Indigenous Relations - Supporting Indigenous Employment
Solid Waste Management1Toxfree is focused on increasing Indigenous employment to exceed the proportion of employed Indigenous people within the national population. In 2006, there were 517,000 people within the estimated Indigenous population of Australia, representing 2.5% of the total Australian population (ABS 2006). Between 1991 and 2012 the Indigenous population increased by an average of 2.6% per year, compared with only 1.2% for the total Australian population (ABS 2012).

Last year number of Indigenous Toxfree employees increased by 100% from 24 to 48 employees, bringing our number of Indigenous employees to 4.5% of our total workforce.
Toxfree’s national Indigenous employment goal across the company is minimum 5%.
As part of Toxfree’s commitment towards reconciliation, Toxfree is working to develop improved outcomes for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders within the local communities of the project area of APLNG.

Attracting Indigenous Australians
The unique skills and knowledge of Indigenous Australians can add significant value in the market place and can play a major role in helping enterprises to take advantage of local opportunities. The Company will use specialised Indigenous Employment Services that can help find recruits who are job ready and suitable for employment in our Company. Because of their long history and extensive contacts in urban/rural centres and communities across remote regions, Indigenous Australians can provide insights into niche market opportunities that may not be obvious to non-Indigenous Australians.

Establishing a stable and dedicated local workforce
The Company sees employment of Indigenous Australians as a pathway to building a sustainable, local, and dedicated workforce. It can also help to address skill shortages, labour shortages, and staff turnover, especially in rural and remote areas.

Expanding the knowledge and awareness of non-Indigenous staff
Deeper understanding of cultural issues among non-Indigenous staff can be the key to new opportunities for enterprises. Indigenous employees can play a major role in developing this understanding.

Meeting corporate social responsibilities and objectives
Improving opportunities and outcomes for Indigenous Australians seeking employment supports economic independence and the development of modern life skills, which can help to address the long-term disadvantage experienced by Indigenous Australians.
Toxfree can also support better education and training outcomes for Indigenous Australians by making links with local communities and involving them in accredited employment based training such as traineeships and apprenticeships.
We appreciate the importance of employing Indigenous Australians throughout our operations, and respect the diversity of the Indigenous culture.   Read More
Toxfree has an endorsed Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan to facilitate ongoing increases in Aboriginal participation   Read More
Toxfree provide traineeships for Indigenous people to help them  become ‘work ready’ and to navigate the workplace for future employment.    Read More
Toxfree is working to develop improved outcomes for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders within local communities.   Read More