Indigenous Relations

Indigenous Relations - Indigenous Traineeships
Solid Waste Management1Toxfree provide traineeship opportunities for Indigenous people, the purpose of which is to focus on creating careers for unemployed Traditional Owners.

Toxfree offer the unemployed a placement within the company and provide training to give them the best chance of job retention and personal development.

The Toxfree Indigenous Employment Policy aims to ensure employees are encouraged to develop their abilities and aspirations without being subject to discrimination or barriers. The Policy outlines how Toxfree will take affirmative action to create a thriving environment for Indigenous Employees by providing:

Our proven business model includes
  • Ensuring effective recruitment of Traditional Owners;
  • Sourcing suitable Traditional Owners to be involved in the interview process;
  • Assess our business and provide specific information on skilled and suitable Traditional Owners; and
  • Mentor, coach and support all Traditional Owners through; mentors being on site, elders within the community and support from the Indigenous Engagement Advisor to achieve great retention results.

Meeting corporate social responsibilities and objectives
By Improving opportunities and outcomes for Traditional Owners seeking employment, Toxfree supports economic independence and the development of modern life skills. These skills additionally help to address the long-term disadvantage experienced by Traditional Owners and local communities.

Job opportunities
For current job opportunities see our Careers page
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