Toxfree offers an extensive range of market leading total waste management solutions to a wide range of industry sectors.   Read More
Toxfree treats and manages a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid wastes produced by industry and the commercial sectors.   Read More
Toxfree's Resource Recovery Facilities are used to sort recyclables including glass, plastics, metals and paper, which are then separated, whereby the recyclable material is further processed and converted back into new products.   Read More
Wastefree is Toxfree's web-based waste tracking and resource management system.   Read More
Toxfree supplies General Waste front lift industrial bins or rear lift wheelie bins for commercial and industrial requirements. Large compactors and bulk bins can also be supplied by Toxfree to meet specialised customer requirements. Toxfree also offer the hire of skip bins and portaloos.   Read More
Toxfree supplies Cardboard and Paper front lift industrial cages or rear lift wheelie bins for commercial and industrial requirements. Large compactors and bulk bins can also be supplied by Toxfree to meet specialised customer requirements.   Read More
Toxfree supplies Plastic and Glass industrial front lift bins or rear lift wheelie bins (co-mingle bin) for commercial and industrial requirements. Large compactors and bulk bins can also be supplied by Toxfree to meet specialised customer requirements.   Read More
Toxfree is well equipped to provide waste management solutions for special events. From corporate stadiums to festivals in the park, Toxfree can service your event needs with skip bins, portaloos and more.   Read More
Toxfree's Hazardous Waste business is the leading provider of services in Australia. From experienced and qualified staff, to an extensive range of treatment technologies and network of EPA licenced facilities, Toxfree prides itself on always finding a solution to clients hazardous and chemical waste needs.   Read More
The use of harmful chemicals is not just confined to industry application. Almost every household across the country will have some form of hazardous material lurking under the kitchen sink, in the garage or the garden shed. At the point when these chemicals are no longer required, Toxfree has the solution.   Read More
With the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs for general lighting use the introduction of mercury containing lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps has increased the potential for mercury pollution.   Read More
Toxfree has significant experience and capabilities in the clean-up and management of chemical spills and environmental incidents. Toxfree routinely manage emergency incidents on behalf of major transport companies, manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Authority.   Read More
Toxfree prides itself on being the leading service provider of drain and pipeline maintenance requirements for various municipal and government authorities.    Read More
Toxfree's concrete cutting applications offer an alternative to jack hammering to achieve concrete demolition. Using Ultra High water blasting, this technique is able to penetrate and remove existing unsound concrete while leaving the sound concrete unscaved.    Read More
Toxfree's range of high pressure cleaning services can be adapted and tailored to suit any industrial environment. With state of the art equipment, extensive industry knowledge and specialised technologies, Toxfree can provide a variety of industrial cleaning solutions to customers.    Read More
Toxfree continues to set new standards in specialised industrial coatings on both Onshore and Offshore facilities. We have a range of the latest technologies, resulting in the ultimate protection of your assets provided by a multi-skilled workforce.   Read More
Toxfree's specialty vacuum loading equipment offers quick and effective removal of all wet and dry waste products.    Read More
Toxfree introduced Non-Destructive Digging in 1998 to assist customers in locating underground assets. High pressure water and air units expose electrical cables, underground pipes and conduits that may be considered potential threats to customer's projects.   Read More
Toxfree have a wealth of experience in the industrial tank cleaning arena. Our service offering incorporates high pressure cleaning of internal and external surfaces of tanks, vessels and ships bilges   Read More
The HazPak 3000 is a densification system which provides extremely high levels of efficiency in removal of unwanted residues in order to recover recyclable materials such as steel and paint from used paint tins, oil filters, aerosols and gas cylinders.   Read More
Toxfree's C-Vap process has been specifically designed to deal with perchloroethylene (Perc) wastes. The process results in the recovery of this valuable solvent for reuse.   Read More
For producers of both hazardous and confidential waste, High Temperature Incineration (HTI) is the perfect solution. HTI is an ideal option for the safe disposal of liquids, sludge and solid waste materials primarily produced from the oil & gas, mining and manufacturing industries throughout Australia.   Read More
A Toxfree PLASCON plant can destroy pure PCBs at a rate of 35 to 40kg/h, with no harmful emissions of dioxins or any other contaminants into the atmosphere.   Read More
Thermal remediation of contaminated soils involves the removal of the contaminant(s) from the soil matrix using Toxfree's patented Thermal Desorption or Thermal Destruction technologies with all soil remediated to reuse criteria. The extracted contaminants undergo further treatment and/or destruction to remove all hazardous properties ensuring there are no ongoing liabilities for our clients.   Read More
Base Catalysed Dechlorination (The BCD Process) Is a chemical reaction process that can be used for de-halogenation of a range of chlorinated persistent organic pollutants (POPs).   Read More
Historically, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are used as refrigerants and halons, used in fire extinguishers, that are now known to be ozone depleting substances (ODS), were in widespread use both in households and commercial premises for refrigeration, air conditioning, and in household, commercial and industrial fire-fighting applications. The modern Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (SGG) replacements for ODS have been found to have global warming characteristics.   Read More
Toxfree specialises in the development of turn-key chemical and industrial waste treatment processes. Whether a customer has an existing treatment process that requires optimisation, or requires a tailored treatment program, Toxfree can provide a solution.   Read More
Toxfree’s construction services include a range of waste management and resource recovery, water treatment, hazardous material collection and industrial services to assist clients in retaining long-term profitability and sustainability. Services include high pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, non-destructive digging, hazardous waste remediation and recycling.
Toxfree provide a range of services to the health sector, including the safe collection and disposal of hazardous chemicals and objects.
Toxfree run frequent collections for unwanted and out of date chemicals, as well as skip bin hire for homes.